Good question!

Well, we are not a barrier that holds back water nor are we a small Indian copper coin.

What we are is an Ottawa based, Digital Asset Management firm that creates and implements DAM systems that fit YOUR organizations needs.  Our gates are wide open to provide each of our customers with a solution that works for them.

Our focus? To provide every customer with a customized, worry-free, turnkey solution to all the issues that surround set-up, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance of a new DAM system.

Our approach?  Our DAM services all begin and end with a core focus on creating a comprehensive and organized Controlled Vocabulary.  This vocabulary is used to uniquely identify the content of all digital assets thereby eliminating any confusion or ambiguity when browsing, organizing or retrieving images. As each controlled vocabulary is designed with the client in mind, it can always be easily adapted to meet any changes in the client’s business or needs over time. Plus, clients can also search for images and documents more easily, and manage and retain their records more effectively.

Need more info?  Contact Carolyn@archi-media