What are some tips for creating a vocabulary list that can be used to tag and describe your digital assets?

  • It does not use natural language because it is ambiguous
  • It uses a group of words that are specifically selected (called the Authorized Terms)
  • All words are unambiguous in their use and meaning by qualifying their meaningExample: POOLS  = SWIMMING POOLS, POOL TABLES, POOLS OF WATER)
  • No words are duplicated in the list
  • Common convention has it that all English language words should be pluralized according to grammar rules (example: FLOWERS, FLOUR)
  • It avoids the use of hyphens and acronyms
  • Capitalization of words should only occur for initial letters of proper names
  • Words are arranged in a hierarchical structure with like terms nested in broader term (BT) and narrower term (NT) relationshipsExample: BT= World Places, NT= North America, etc.

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    Controlled Vocabulary Hierarchy