Using the following tips what subjects would you use to describe the following image of rice terraces from Bali, Indonesia?

Rice Terraces, Bali, Indonesia
Credit: Colin Rowe, Photographer

We will post our keyword tags next week.

  • Keep analysis of the subject of an asset to what it is about factually.
  • DON”T try to describe a mood or feeling.


  • Is this a landscape? Are there specific names for parts of that landscape?
  • Is there an activity going?
  • Are there animals or plants with specific names?
  • Is there a dominant colour?
  • Are there objects or accessories of significance (clothing items, business items, leisure items, food items)?


  • Where is the subject located?
  • Would someone be looking for a specific location/city/state/country?
  • Are there geographic names associated with the subject like specific landmarks or buildings?


  • Is there a specific setting or time of day or season?

WHO (if there are people included)

  • Who are the people in this image?
  • What professions do they portray?
  • Is the subject male of female and are they playing a role (parent, child, senior)?
  • Is this a generic portrait or does the image feature a celebrity, figurehead, person of historical noteworthiness whose name should be included?


  • Is the image horizontal or vertical?
  • Is it a aerial view, close-up, seated, standing, group?
  • Are there specific photographic effects that a user might be looking for black and white shot, lens flare, underwater effect, selective focus?