Archimedia Logo GreySo you need a controlled vocabulary for your DAM system.

But, you aren’t sure exactly what to do.


You don’t want to start from scratch.

Start from scratch or do it yourself with some guidance Purchase services to create a fully customized controlled vocabulary
You need:

  • Authority sources (dictionaries, websites, internal documents)
  • Your collection of assets
  • Create a List(s) of terms, particularly nouns, that describe the individual assets in your collection
  • An employee or group of employees dedicated to creating your CV
You need to provide:

  • Your collection of assets
  • Any internal documents that might be relevant to your collection of assets
Archimedia provides:

  • A two to three tiered hierarchy of standard terms that can be used and built upon to create your CVAND/OR
  • A how to guide to effective CV creation
  • 3-4 draft reviews of the CV your staff has created and provides feedback and guidance on next steps and implementation
Archimedia provides:

  • Review of your collection
  • Selection of authority sources and documentation for maintenance
  • 2-3 drafts of your CV for review and refinement, implementation and training of staff in its use and maintenance