Why do you need a controlled vocabulary for your DAM system?

Here are some good reasons:

1) Browsing

2) Identification of assets for unfamiliar users

3) Retrieval and inventory

4) Explain the relationship between assets in the collection


Browsing: I want to see all the images of Poodles. What I’m looking for isn’t there. Can I see all the images of dogs? I wanted a Schnauzer not a poodle for my report. Can I now see all the images of Schnauzers?

Identification of assets unfamiliar to users: My boss asked me to find images of the Northern Lights. I have no idea what that is, but he airplanesays I can find some shots in the DAM system. Look, there they are. I didn’t know they were a natural phenomenon. I always knew them as the Aurora Borealis.

Retrieval and inventory: We have only 6 shots of people in groups and none of them are ice skating. Let’s book a shoot with our photographer to get some of those for the annual report.

Relationships between assets in the collection: In this collection there are a whole group of images of different vehicles, like airplanes, cars, ATVs and such that fit together best this way:

Broad Term Narrow Term 1 Narrow Term 2
Balloons and airships
Float planes
Private passenger vehicles
All terrain vehicles
Hybrid vehicles