Archimedia Logo GreyAsset & Content Creation:

  • They are usually the creative staff such as photographers and graphic designers or even regular employees who do word processing
  • They often feel they are too busy to do asset documentation or weeding
  • They are also the staff that will most use your DAM system to retrieve their assets and others
  • They will want quick and easy retrieval

Asset Documentation and Weeding:

  • They do the cataloguing, tagging or could be called metadata managers
  • This work is repetitive with high attention to detail, but necessary to provide access to  assets through either browsing or keyword searching
  • Asset creation staff should be used to accomplish these tasks because they know the content best or in the case of larger groups of DAM users, be available for input on an asset’s metadata
  • Imparting to staff doing these jobs that this is a very important part of providing future access and reuse to these assets

Asset Management:

  • They do the rights management, database administration and asset management
  • They should be the strongest advocates and gatekeepers for proper documentation of assets and reuse
  • They need to be able to follow and communicate workflows as well as communicate with IT people who service the database