If you are finding that your DAM is not getting the use you wanted it to, there can be many reasons why it has not been Archimedia Logo Greyadopted or supported by users. Setting up a communication strategy and surveys can be key to getting buy-in and user support.

Communications Issues Checklist:

  • Were users and other stakeholders surveyed or interviewed prior to your DAM purchase or implementation regarding how they envision it fitting in to the organization or their workflows?
  • Did you have a select group of users and asset creators try out the software prior to launch to see if they encountered technical or workflow issues?
  • Was adequate training and workflow adjustments provided for users, asset creators and database management?
  • Did your users have a good experience, which could be used to get word of mouth support started in your organization, prior to the launch of your DAM?
  • Is there an open and effective way for users to provide feedback regarding gaps in training, technical issues, suggestions for new workflows or for positive experiences?
  • Did you plan a soft and/or hard launch of the database for users?
  • Have you effectively promoted the DAM to users and content creators to get them excited about using the database?

Part 1 – Technical Issues

Part 3 – Workflow Issues

Part 4 – Future Issues

Part 5 – Staffing Issues