Archimedia Logo GreyIf you are find that your DAM is not getting the use you thought it would there can be many reasons why.  Often talking with users and administrators even IT might help to uncover some of those issues. Here are some questions you can ask regarding the technical set up of your DAM.

Technical Issues Checklist:

  • Is updating the database too complicated?
  • Did administrators or asset creators not get adequate training on how to use the software or the catalogue?
  • Is the workflow too complicated for the asset creators to assign metadata?
  • Do users find it hard to search for what they want? Do they end up with items they didn’t want more often than they’d like?
  • Did the recent upgrade of the database software cause artifacting, loss of information or other workflow issues for users and administrators?
  • Is IT not available for troubleshooting issues with users or administration?
  • Does your hosted solution crash or require updates that require it to be offline frequently?
  • Does your locally hosted solution not fit with your current server architecture or hardware profile?

Part 2 – Communication Issues

Part 3 – Workflow Issues

Part 4 – Future Issues

Part 5 – Staffing Issues