Archimedia Logo GreyYou have invested in a DAM system, but you have found that use has dropped off over time as more and different assets have been added to it.  Could the drop off in use have to do with not planning for the future of your DAM?

Future Use Checklist:

  • Did you plan to add more than one format to your DAM when you conceived of it?
  • What additions to your DAM content or collections might be forthcoming that might impact usage?
  • Does your metadata schema take multiple formats or expanded content in to consideration?
  • Has your controlled vocabulary had a tune up so that new content is accurately reflected and documented in the subjects?
  • Has all new staff been well trained on workflows and basic functions of your DAM?
  • Are your permissions flexible enough that staff can access newly added content in a timely manner?
  • Can your DAM accept newly developed formats that were not available when it was first launched?
  • Is all your DAM database and workflow software up-to-date and running with compatible versions?

Part 1 – Technical Issues

Part 2 – Communications Issues

Part 3 – Workflow Issues

Part 5 – Staffing Issues