Archimedia Logo GreyYou have invested in a DAM system, but it is not getting the use you want it to. There can be many reasons why it has not been adopted by users, or that use and contributions of new assets may have dropped off over time.

Workflow Issues Checklist:

  • Is the process of adding new assets to your DAM onerous or complicated?
  • Are you saving the right assets?
  • Are users finding the best asset format or size for their projects?
  • Are your assets being made available to users in a timely fashion or do they linger offline for too long?
  • What are asset creators responsible for, in terms of assigning metadata?
  • Is there too much or too little metadata being assigned?
  • Should you consider hiring additional professionally trained staff to catalogue and assign metadata for your asset creators?
  • Does your DAM manager have the time in their day to deal with your DAM or is it a secondary or tertiary consideration for them?

Part 1 – Technical Issues

Part 2 – Communication Issues

Part 3 – Future Issues

Part 5 – Staffing Issues