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Archimedia provides pre-DAM solutions for all of our clients on each project.

So, your organization has come to the decision that they need a DAM system.

It is now up to you to get this project moving forward.

Where do you start?

You have files, everywhere, no metadata and no official filing structure.

How do you deal with the huge amount of information present in this scenario.

  • Folder structures are important, as they contain rudimentary information about a shoot. You should consider mapping this structure into all your assets as this info will become invaluable later.


  • The Date Created or Date Modified are also really important. If your policies are limited to dates (like model releases) you can easily embargo or release these assets as needed.


  • Authors – If you can source, via the structure of the folders, who created them, you can go talk to them about the material! Corporate knowledge is only available as long as there is someone who knows about it.


  • Put your thinking cap on. Determine what is an beneficial asset to your organization. A photo shoot might yield 200 images, but do you need all 200 in your database? Most likely not. So, what will happen to the secondary workflow of images in the future?