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Everyone talks about taxonomy, controlled vocabulary (CV) and such as being key components of a DAM.

Seems like an easy decision to go ahead and purchase a CV for your DAM system.  It just needs to be able to assign generic tags to my assets, right?

Consider the following points:

A CV should and always will reflect your asset collection. Your collection is unique.

This is why it is recommended that a CV be tailored to your assets.

So, if you can find a company that provides starter CVs YOU will need to modify or add to the CV to reflect:

  • Your country’s language differences or cultural differences (Canadians buying an American CV will know about this)
  • the geographic places you reference on a regular basis
  • the specific subject matter (facts and nouns) of your collection
  • weed out all terms that are inappropriate or extraneous to your collection

What needs to be weighed is, IF you can find a CV provider, is the energy put in to making these changes to customize a CV less that the time and cost to have one custom made in the first place?