Why you should not neglect the importance of archiving properly

Why you should not neglect the importance of archiving properly

Archiving and why it is important to your organization or business:

The practice of archiving business assets is also called records management.

Archiving digital business assets like documents, spreadsheets, white papers, photographs, graphics, video and other assets produced during regular business operations can provide support for your business in terms of tracking its institutional history as well as allowing for research, reuse and reference.

Digital asset management databases provide the framework for all business assets to be managed throughout their life cycles and particularly once they have reached the point where they need long term storage for recall in reuse and research purposes.

Other advantages of archiving business assets in this manner include:

  • saving space on employee computers when assets are moved in to a DAM system
  • controlled sunsetting, versioning and deletion of assets deemed duplicate, no longer needed or less important according to a set of established guidelines
  • creating assets that can move forward in time in usable formats

Over the next few weeks we will touch on the specifics of archiving:

  1. digital documents (spreadsheets, word processing documents, graphic design documents)
  2. digital photographs and graphics
  3. digital video

Archimedia covers this key dialogue in our services and for more information on records management:


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