Archival Management: Archiving Digital VideoPrint

Archiving digital video files is similar yet different to archiving digital photographs and graphics. A very good retention and weeding policy is needed, particularly to save storage space with large video files and to ensure that video is in the best format possible to access it in the future.

Determining which versions of videos to save is very important. Raw shoot material may be more or less advantageous to save over an edited version. Both may need to be required depending on the organization’s use for this material in the future.

Like other image-type formats, video does not come with descriptive metadata. It is the one format where there can be too much metadata or not enough and both can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your DAM database.

To effectively retrieve video being archived it may require a shot list or just a well crafted and descriptive summary. This information and other descriptive metadata will be stored with the video file, whether it is in an XML sidecar file or as a complete separate document. It is important to know how your DAM database will treat and retrieve these types of storage files that accompany the video.

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