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How can we share assets immediately as well as have them available for interim use and long term archiving?

Archimedia has this conversation with every client.

Your teams or departments will have asset storage and recall needs that may be 1 day to 1 year in length.

For example, photographs of your CEO speaking and shaking hands with a local dignitary during an important social event.

Communications needs this ASAP, your Art department will need this over the course of the year for an annual report and archives will need this in years down the road.

Asset Bank, Archimedia’s software of choice, allows for the ingest of the photographs from this event, with all the required descriptive and administrative metadata assigned and viewable, like GPS coordinates, photographer name, event name, and other key data.

For the immediate delivery, Asset Bank has a publish feature which lives outside of the database so the 80 people at the event have immediate access to the images, but will not require access from the administrator (permissions to share images publically needed of course)

Once this short-term publishing action expires, the images then become part of your DAM database and accessible to other registered users for other projects, and then proceed to long term archiving and future access.

Reminders to all facets of these permissions are also configurable for ease of use by the administrator.