A digital asset management system is  a combination of new hardware and software for HardSoftWareyour organization. To effectively set up and launch a DAM for your organization there are critical hardware and software considerations for your organization to undertake.

Evaluating your current technology set up, hardware and software is needed to see that they adequate for a DAM. A talk with your IT department about support for the database software and any new hardware needs is essential to proper planning for set up and roll out.

Out of the box solutions are never just that! Customization of the DAM database fields, interface, plug-ins and other tweaks will be needed. Confirming the cost or time it will take either the vendor or your IT department complete these needs is key.

All of these factors may impact whether you opt for a web-based, single client or multi-client solution for your organization. As well as consider how future demands and needs for hardware and software related to your DAM will be met.

In your considerations for hardware and software, consider also ease of use and your staff’s comfort level with the technology. This will impact staffing levels, training and adoption of your DAM.