One of the key reasons for deploying a digital asset management system is to reuse assets that were created for and by your organization. Reuse of an asset in only one additional project is not cost effective.

To get effective reuse out of assets:

For the most part, you want your assets to be used not just tomorrow or 2  years from now, but 7 even 10 years from now.

The key to getting assets reused is allowing for users to find them effectively. To do this, your assets need great data that is searchable.

When creating metadata, like a title or description, keep the information factual. This will open the asset up to different interpretations and in doing so, new opportunities for users to select it for projects. With factual metadata, you are not dating the asset’s use. Think of the descriptive metadata as a way to provide current and a historical context for your asset.

Other options to get your assets reused include:

  • Consider curating or featuring assets on your log-in page
  • Track who has used them previously
  • Keep good quality assets so they can be edited for new projects.

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