Blog_ddropboxAt Archimedia we are asked to add metadata to large quantities of pre DAM images and videos and one of our tools of choice is Adobe lightroom.

With Adobe Lightroom we are able to import the client’s controlled vocabulary into the catalogs and are also able to easily divide up the large catalogs to share the workload against our multiple taggers who add metadata.

A problem we were having was that our taggers were working in geographically separate areas and it was becoming hard to collate multiple catalogues of assets against multiple taggers using FTP or other sharing systems.

We now use dropbox to keep the catalogues current.

Here is how we do this:

The administrator to the project creates a master catalogue of the assets. This catalogue can then be easily hived off into multiple smaller catalogs, which are sent to the taggers using a dropbox folder.

The remote operator then uses the synced catalog for their tagging of the assets (they are not linked to the masters this way and are able to use a preview thumbnail for identifying the asset properly).

Once tagging is complete the administrator then imports the taggers catalogs back into the master catalog.

The benefits are there are no FTP transfer or versioning of the catalogues required an the changes take place almost immediately as the changes are small (not hundreds of MB) Also, the administrator can always check on the catalogues to see how progress is coming as we have a policy in place to change the colour tag to the assets in metadata has been completed.