When working with large catalogues of images and videos Archimedia sometimes needs to incorporate preexisting metadata into how we apply a brand new controlled vocabulary.Ligthroom Transporter

A lot of time the metadata accompanying the files is in a caption or title field with spelling mistakes particularly for peoples’ names and places; as well, there can be jargon words that change meaning over time. We want to keep this data for reference purposes, but it is not something we keep because of the errors.

Here is where a favorite tool of ours Lightroom Transporter comes in. It can be purchased at http://www.photographers-toolbox.com/products/lrtransporter.php

With this plug in you can import metadata from external files, export to the assets or to an external txt or CSV file as well as change metadata from one field to another.

(**note to users, make sure you always have a plan in advance of performing these actions, or a backup Lightroom catalog and / or copies of the original assets and any reference metadata)

When we want to apply a fresh set of keywords from a controlled vocabulary we like to move the existing keywords from the field. With Lightroom transporter we can:

  1. Export the metadata as either companion or summary files for reference in adding new controlled keywords
  2. Changing the metadata to another field
  3. Import metadata from an external txt file

One last tool is the marking images, this is invaluable if you are working with teams of people and different teams are selecting finals for insertion into the database. They can export their txt file with the filenames on it, which will match images for you (some minor formatting required). The administrator can collate all selects into one master txt file and apply to the master catalogue.

Here are the guides on how this fine plugin works: