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If you are considering a hosted digital asset management solution, whether it is cloud-based or web-based,  a provider like Archimedia offers many advantages:

  • We purchase and upgrades the DAM database and server software. You as the client pay for the licenses for the computers or users that you have.
  • We manage all the server issues. We troubleshoot when it goes down. We provide expandable storage space which can grow as you need it and on demand.
  • We provide turn-key access. You can use your software on-site or off-site, particularly if it is fully web-based.
  • We offer redundant backup of your materials so you don’t have to worry about losing your data in the event of an onsite emergency situation.
  • All of these advantages mean that this type of solution can be more affordable for a small business to purchase out of the gate, but also to maintain because there are no costs for upgrading software or paying for extra IT staff

As part of our hosted offerings, Archimedia keeps all our server infrastructure and backups in Canada. This is important for many Canadian clients who want to protect the privacy of their assets and data.

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