Ever searched for a text asset, an MS Word file, Illustrator or Quark file and was unable to find it, but you KNEW it was there? DOC

Were you using the wrong words? (Probably)

Say you were looking for a document related to the local sports team like the Ottawa RedBlacks football team. What if the document only contained the words Redblacks. Would  you know to use Redblacks (all one word) over football? Or that Redblacks was one word not two?

The chief reason why subject headings, tagging words or keywords from a controlled vocabulary, including proper names and corporate names, are important is not so much what you are finding when you search your assets, but what you AREN’T finding when you search your assets.

If your tagger isn’t 100 percent consistent, in remembering to assign all terms – CAT, KITTY, KITTEN, FELINE, CALICO, CALICO CAT then, when you search, if you don’t use the right words, then your asset won’t be found in that search.

If you aren’t using keywords and relying on your search engine to pick out and match your search terms to what is in the document you need to be sure that your document contains not only CAT, but KITTY and FELINE, so that searchers can find it.