A digital asset is any computer file of value to your business. This can be a photograph, word processing file, graphic document (QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, etc.), a logo, a video, or a PDF.

A digital asset management system or DAM is a database of assets, like photographs, video, or other important files, that are organized, catalogued, and tagged to allow multiple users to search, view and retrieve these files easily to accomplish their work.

Efficiency is the chief benefit of digital asset management. You will be able to:

  • Save time and resources by accessing your assets quickly and easily when you need them.
  • Share images across your organization or on the web.
  • Eliminate redundancy by removing duplicate or poor quality assets.
  • Ease in finding formerly hidden images.

Archimedia will do a complete needs assessment of your business, from current hardware and software systems, to workflow patterns and current archive and library practices. We will make recommendations for the establishment of a DAM system whether it is a custom designed or an out-of-the-box solution.

It is estimated that one in eight hours is spent looking for and retrieving a single digital asset. Are you looking to sell or reuse these assets? If your business is regularly looking for digital assets or looking to resell or reuse them, then a DAM system is a very good time saving investment. Archimedia can guide small- and medium-sized businesses through the process of creating  DAM systems from off-the-shelf software. A stand alone computer may be all you need, but it will save your staff time in the long run.

Archimedia can help you use or create a catalogue in a controlled and functional way that enables multiple authorized people to find and share assets across and organization. We can also host your collection making it available on the web for quick and easy reuse or sales.

Archimedia can create digital assets out of any form of hard copy images or motion based media. We can digitize these materials on-site or off-site. We are sensitive and up-to-date on current archival needs and practices for images and video. We will be sure that your digital assets meet these standards.

Archimedia can create controlled language thesauri, tags and taxonomies. These lists of keywords are then assigned to your images to make them easier to retrieve.

Archimedia can create workflows for your staff to follow to keep your DAM system up to date. Or, our team can do the weekly or monthly maintenance of add new materials and catalogue them in to your DAM system on your behalf, whether we are hosting your DAM or you keep it in-house.