Asset Collection, Collation and Editing

Archimedia will guide you in the collection, collation sorting and editing of your existing inventory of assets into a final, master edit of your assets.

We do so using one or two easy to purchase off the shelf software. A step by step guide is provided to you to follow, as well as GoTo Meetings and email support for this process.

Topics covered in the guide:

1. File naming nomenclature, how to properly name your files, and how to properly append existing files so that there is no accidental overwriting of assets

2. Expert use of Lightroom and Expression media, on how to collate and sort non-destructively. Archimedia will review in a goto meeting the important issues that you will be facing, and bring these to light in a methodology that will be easy to use.

Methods of sorting/editing include: the age of an asset, legal and copyright considerations regarding its usage, the legacy use for the asset and branding issues, fashion, subject of images as well as other issues.

3. New folder creation, how to name, for the export of the edited images to be organized efficiently

4. We outline the tasks at hand and how to technically be able to do this, inexpensively using client computers and redundant copies of the files for security and backup protection.

5. Archimedia also employs video support. When you have an issue that warrants it, we explain it to you using a video of our screen using the software or the process for easy reference.